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a Respite Care


Learn How To Recruit Participants
As part of the package, you will learn ways to recruit participants in your community. You will receive a complete Respite Pro Packet which includes all practical “how-to” advice to effectively recruit and retain providers.

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Learn How To Administer Your Respite Care Program
In addition to practical advice and suggestions on how to run your program on a day to day basis, you will receive a sample training flyer, a sample newspaper article, press release, sample registration materials, a sample confirmation letter, sample letters to organizations/agencies in the community and more


Learn How To Manage Your Respite Care Registry
Along with information on risk management and liability insurance, you will receive a sample criminal background check form, a release of liability form, a sample Provider Information Form for adult providers and teens, a The Resourceful Respite About Our Family respite workbooks





Respite Resource
Agency Kit 


Respite Resource

This convenient designed guide, when completed, will include all the practical everyday information about the child. The use of this booklet will allow parent caregivers to feel more secure while using respite care services, and will assist the provider to meet the needs of the child.


Learn how to care for children with disabilities and provide respite care. RESOURCEFUL TEENS is a day-long program that prepares teens to offer first-rate care for children who have mild to moderate disabilities and/or enter the field of special education some day.

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Resourceful Teen
Respite Kit 

Support Group
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Resourceful Adult
Respite Kit 

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