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Download and Use DV15 MLK MB Schematic PDF 25 for Dell Inspiron N5050 Laptop Repair

the imaging unit is an x-y (or 2d) probe that can be used in a conventional ultrasound machine. it contains a single emitter and single receiver. the x-y probe is connected to the control unit, through a cable, and the control unit is connected to the ultrasound machine. the x-y probe is shown with the front side or top side of the probe facing the viewer. the two most important controls on the control unit are the power button (left) and the contrast slider (center). turning the power on and sliding the contrast slider will bring up the image shown below. the sliders can be adjusted to optimize image quality.

dv15 mlk mb schematic pdf 25

the display unit is an lcd or television screen. the function of the display unit is to show the image that is captured by the x-y probe. the image is shown in real-time as it is captured. at the beginning of a scan, a small arrow will appear on the display unit. if the arrow appears on the top of the display unit then the image is displayed in real-time.

the power unit consists of a power supply and a power board. the power supply provides electricity to the system to allow it to operate. the power unit includes three jacks that are located at the back of the system. each jack supplies power to one of the components in the system. the three jacks are marked with a symbol.

the power supply will be selected by placing the appropriate power adapter plug in one of the three jacks. some of the power supplies listed here are made by the same manufacturer, and they are identical in functionality. however, some of the power supplies are specific to the model of the ultrasound system.


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