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Respite Care

Respite is planned or emergency care provided to a child or adult with exceptional needs and/or medically fragile in order to provide temporary relief to family caregivers who are caring for that child or adult. Respite care can accommodate families by providing relief or giving a break to the family caregiver, which is beneficial to their mental, physical, emotional, social health, and well-being.

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The value of respite cannot be overstated. Respite care can prevent burnouts, reduce stress in families, prevent costly out-of-home placements, and prevent child/elder abuse and neglect. Respite care also serves to enhance the families' coping abilities, increase caregiver physical and mental well-being, while also providing the caregiver with an opportunity for rest, social activities, and community involvement.

Our “RESOURCEFUL CARE NETWORK,” is a respite care registry that addresses the needs of Parent Caregiver Families who just cannot find anyone in their community who is willing to "give them a break". 

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Learn How To Recruit Participants
As part of the package, you will learn ways to recruit participants in your community. You will receive a complete Respite Pro Packet which includes all practical “how-to” advice to effectively recruit and retain providers.


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Learn How To Administer Your Respite Care Program
In addition to practical advice and suggestions on how to run your program on a day to day basis, you will receive a sample training flyer, a sample newspaper article, press release, sample registration materials, a sample confirmation letter, sample letters to organizations/agencies in the community and more


Learn How To Manage Your Respite Care Registry
Along with information on risk management and liability insurance, you will receive a sample criminal background check form, a release of liability form, a sample Provider Information Form for adult providers and teens, a The Resourceful Respite About Our Family respite workbooks


Who provides Respite Care?

Respite care can be provided by family members, friends, and by a respite care or caregiver agency. It can take place in the home, in the community, at a center/residential care facility. For a short time (for example, for a few hours each week while you get a message, Mani~Pedi, Grocery Shopping, and etc.)

Need Help Emergency Getting Parent Respite Care?

You might be able to get emergency respite care in short notice if you suddenly find you can’t provide care for an exceptional loved one i.e. if you are ill, injured, or mentally incapable. 

  • If you need emergency respite care

  • To find out more about the respite care 

  • Become a respite care provide

  • Seek respite Click Here to find out more about the respite care

Parent Caregivers Who Work Outside the Home

Nearly 60 percent of Parent caregivers work outside of the home. If you work outside the home and you're a caregiver, you may begin to feel overwhelmed. If you do, think about taking leave from your job for a period of time.

Employees covered under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act may be able to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave a year to care for relatives. Ask your Department of Human Resources office about options for unpaid leave.

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Live Respite


• Role and responsibility of the Respite Care Provider (specialized babysitter)

• Disability information and awareness

• Communication issues

• Behavior management

• Safety

• Seizures

• Assistive/adaptive equipment

• and much much more!




The Program includes:

• Curriculum

 • Digital Download

                                                                      • Overhead

                                                                      • Exercises

                                                                      • Games

     • Training Tape


•  The Resourceful Respite About Our Family workbook: This handy guide, when completed, will include all the practical everyday information about the child. The use of this digital download will allow parents to feel more secure while using respite care services, and will assist the provider to meet the needs of the child.

• Certificate of Attendance

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