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Live Resilient is a community lifestyle awareness brand changing the way special needs parent caregivers respond to caregiver burnout and the stress as a result. Here, we know that no one can care for the needs of your extraordinary child like you can. This still doesn't mean that you need to burn yourself out and lose your identity. 


This organization was created by a parent caregiver for parent caregivers like you who deserve to know the feeling of a harmonious lifestyle. We demonstrate how to care for yourself and your special needs child(ren) while fighting burnout with our stress relief resources, and strategies that provide you with a more structured and balanced mindset. Explore our website and join other Warriors as we guide you down a new path of restoration through community, accountability, online resources and so much more. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Live Resilient is committed to assisting and promoting solutions, for parent caregivers and their families, in every home and community across the world throughout the lifespan. This will be accomplished through literacy, advocacy, and support, changing regulation and legislation. We’re researching innovative timely interventions for parent caregiver burnout that will alleviate caregiver stress syndrome, and their deteriorating health both mentally & physically.

Through partnerships and collaboration, we are committed to:

  • Establish broader services and distribute information throughout the lifespan

  • Improving the financial strain of respite care 

  • Increase the understanding and spread awareness 

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Our Vision

A world where all parent caregivers can receive respite services. And live their lives to their fullest potential mentally, physically, and without parent caregiver burnout stress syndrome.

Our Impact

Live Resilient will be the lifeline for parent caregiver burnout prevention today, for a better resolution tomorrow.


We Need Your Support Today!

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